Do you green :
Organic lingerie made out of pine-tree

Where : Paris, France
Fabric : Ecological material Made in France
Products : Men & Women organic underwear and clothing
Durability : Extreme
Properties : Anti-transpiration and anti-allergenic
Inconveniences : You won’t wear anything else !

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More about Do you green amazing ecological material

From an ecological mind to ecological pinewood fibers’ underwear:
this is the lingerie 2.0 signed by Do You Green.
You can now wear your convictions !

A more ecological material ?

Do you green organic underwear
How came the idea ?

Do You Green is the encounter of French chic and elegance with the natural pinewood super-power :
an entire range of lingerie with a sensual-chic design made in a pinewood fibers’ unique fabric and the finest Calais laces.

Vidéo coming soon

All Do you green materials are made in France

Do you green ‘s sensual-chic design is signed in Paris, all the elements are Made in France, the lace even made in Calais ! We produce high quality and organic underwears in order to be part of a “Sustainable and structural change”… Knowing that you can be part of all of this while wearing sexy lingerie ….Ready to go?

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