Do you green :
Organic lingerie made out of pine-tree

Where : Paris, France
Fabric : Ecological material Made in France
Products : Men & Women organic underwear and clothing
Durability : Extreme
Properties : Anti-transpiration
Inconveniences : You won’t wear anything else !

Discover Do you green organic underwear

More about Do you green amazing ecological material

This material ecological is also extremely smooth
with a silky touch.
The most smothest touch you ever tried !

A more ecological material ?

Do you green organic underwear
How came the idea ?

This material ecological, is also extremely interesting as raw material,
from the point of view of sophie young, creator director, architekt in her first live…

Vidéo coming soon

All Do you green materials are made in France

We fight every day to produce quality and organic underwears in order to be part of a “Sustainable and structural change”… Knowing that you can be part of all of this while wearing sexy lingerie ….Ready to go?

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